I am increasingly getting requests from people asking if I will print a 3-D model they have designed.  This is not my primary business, but occasionally I do have machines with some time available and I have decided I will accept custom 3-D print orders when possible.  Please use the "Contact" page to send me your design and to get a custom price quote.  A few guidelines to keep in mind:

  • I only use black PLA filament.  Please do not ask about having your model printed in ABS, or some other filament, or using a different color.  PLA filament has some limitations to keep in mind.  Primarily it cannot be exposed to the elements, nor can it be used in high heat areas (it will warp). 
  • I can only work with .stl or .obj files
  • You'll need to send your model via e-mail attachment and I will then give you a quote
  • Your file needs to be error free.  Outside of simple repairs, I don't have the time to fix complicated issues or to offer design help or software recommendations. 
  • My build limitations are 215 mm x 145 mm x 145 mm high
  • I won't accept print jobs that require assembly of any sort. 
  • Please do not be surprised if I reply with, "I'm sorry, I just don't have time to take on your request right now."  My film holder business takes precedence, and often my four machines run nearly 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to keep up with demand. 
  • My ironclad guarantee always still applies.  If you request a custom build that I accept, and you don't like the final result, I will refund your money.