I'm a one person operation and I make and package each holder. One holder can take up to 4 hours to produce. Sometimes your order might catch me during a slow period and I can get your holder out in the mail the next day. Other times you might catch me 10 orders behind and it will take me up to five days to get your order out to you.
I primarily take orders through my storefronts on either Ebay or AmazonBefore ordering any holders using this page, please be certain to read the full description of the applicable holder on either my Ebay or Amazon store.  Some holders have specific equipment or usage requirements that can be found in these descriptions.  Please note that I do not currently accept orders from China. 
If you wish to order holders directly through me on this page, I do discount significantly from my Ebay and Amazon stores.  Holders ordered via this method are $19.99 each (unless otherwise noted) .  There is a one time shipping charge of $3.50 if you live in the US, $11 if you live in Canada, or $13.75 to the rest of the world (international shipping may be higher on orders with multiple items due to increased weight).
After deciding what you want to order, please contact me via the following form.  I will then send you a Paypal "request for money."  If you're not quite ready to order yet, or have questions, please use the "Contact" page.  Please note that it may take me up to 24 hours after receiving your order request to send you a Paypal invoice.  Please be patient.